The cannabis industry is an ever-changing industry, with many regulatory complexities and grey-areas. Our team of experts, which include pharmacists, attorneys, scientists and compliance specialists, will help navigate you through the many uncertanties in the cannabis industry. We will guide you through the decision making processes required to acheive regulatory compliance for your business. Click below for more information on our consulting services and license application services.


Covid-19 has brought with it many unforceen circumstances and a wide range of different issues to tackle. Let us assist you in all comliance related aspects – from medical device applications with SAHPRA to compliance training with your team, we are here to guide you through the process and advise on the different avenues availible.

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ABC Compliance offer a variety of skill sets ranging from scientific and pharmaceutical advice to legal and compliance guidance. Our carefully selected team has extensive experience in the cannabis sector and has been able to build strong connections with the relevant regulatory bodies and other important sector related entities. Our end-to-end solutions will assist you in making the right decision, specifically tailored to your business needs.


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