Best Shows/YouTube Clips to Watch While High

What’s better than relaxing by the tv and passing around a joint? Maybe the tv is background noise – or maybe that’s your friends. Either way, no one wants to waste time scrolling through Youtube or Netflix when there is weed to be smoked. So to save you some time, here are our recommendations for some weird shows to watch when high.

  1. The Midnight Gospel.  Originally the recording of a talk show, this Netflix series puts images to the voices – and those images are pretty wild. We follow the main character, Clancy, into a different world every episode, with colours and transmutating animation that makes you feel like you fell into a kaleidoscope. Not surprising when you find out that the show is from Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time. 
  2. Pizza Movie by vewn. This is a fairly fresh one. With jittery animation and vivid colours, vewn’s videos have a surreal aspect to them. The videos feature a weird range of characters, including alcoholic cats and an agoraphobic dog. With the unsettling visuals and the monotone voice-overs, the videos are an unpredictable ride. Fair warning, though, they do get intense. 
  3. The Mighty Boosh. Before starring in the Great British Bakeoff, Noel Fielding was the mad genius behind the Mighty Boosh. The bizarre British stoner classic was originally a staged theatre show – and it shows. The story starts off with the two main characters working in a run-down zoo, although they sometimes end up in other places (including limbo). It would be a waste of time trying to describe the plot, so just give it a watch and find out for yourself. Imagine the Great British Bakeoff on acid, but not really.
  1. Takeshi’s Castle. Some of the shows on this list are real thinkers, but Takeshi’s Castle is all about the giggles. If you’ve never seen people in helmets make fools of themselves, you should give it a try. Western game shows still have nothing on Japan, and the popularity of Takeshi’s castle is proof. The show features around 100 contestants who have to go through ridiculous challenges if they want to win. The challenges involve mud, lasers, and minor bodily harm, but all of them are way fun to watch.
  1. The Bounty Hunter (and other vids). More unsettling animation, anyone? You’re stoned, so it doesn’t take much to make you go “….huh?”. That being said, this will definitely make you go “…huh?” – maybe even “…huuuuuh?”. This one is for the sci-fi and fantasy fans, with scenes that are not quite blatantly rip-offs of Star Wars and just general adventure stories. Who knows what was going through Joel Haver’s mind when he made these. The Scooby Doo one is our personal favourite.

Now that you’ve seen our weird and wonderful recommendations, let us know what your go-to show is when you’re stoned.

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